COVID-19 Response

A note to our customers,

Like the rest of the business community we at R&D Services have been taking steps to ensure our operations are compliant with all government COVID-19 guidance.

As a business we have introduced new risk assessments, procedures and rules (below) to ensure the work we undertake is carried out safely until such time there are new updates from the governments.

The safety of our staff and customers has always been paramount to us at R&D Services and we believe these provisions will allow us to maintain social distancing as much as possible whilst continuing to provide a quality service.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the information below please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our team members will be happy to discuss prior to confirming your job.

Many thanks,

Chris Colville, Director


Customer procedures prior to engineers arrival

In regards to the current circumstances please see the below information prior to our engineer visit and confirm that all procedures will be complied with.

a.       If there is anyone within the property showing any signs or has coronavirus (COVID-19)(Fever & tiredness, continues cough, breathing difficulties &/or loss of small/taste) please let R&D know immediately and do not let the engineer enter.

b.       While the engineer is within your property we require you not to be in the same room as them while they carry out the job and kept a minimum of 2 meter distance at all times.

c.       Where possible open the window within the room where the engineer will be working to increase ventilation.

d.       Can you please make sure the area around the item of repair/installation is clear of obstructions and clean to allow our engineers to work safely.

e.       Can you leave all internal doors pinned open on the route to place of work to minimise engineer contact with door handles

f.        If there are more than 1 person within the property please only let 1 person interact with the engineer.

Please take a moment to watch the attached clip which explains how R&D will operate to help keep everyone safe -


*If you wish to see our engineer’s procedures please feel free to ask and a copy will be emailed to you