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Engineering A Low Carbon Future

We simply have to prepare for the low carbon economy. We will be forced to act more responsibly to control our energy consumption and reduce our carbon emissions through the Government initiatives now being implemented to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint. This change will require fresh thinking on everyone's part. We see this as an opportunity for businesses and not a cost or handicap - it provides us with the freedom for fresh thinking.

At R&D Services we carry out a survey on each project we undertake, providing you with a detailed report on how you can reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions.  See the R&D energy calculator for an estimate on how much your carbon footprint could be reduced by.

Waterloo Quay Properties - Fitness Centre

Waterloo Quay Properties - Fitness Centre

Waterloo Quay Properties approached R&D Services to assist them in finding a energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution to the lighting in their on-site fitness centre.  As one of the North-East's premier office complexes - with over 50 businesses and 500 workers on-site daily - its gym and squash courts were in frequent use. Problems arose however during off-peak times when certain areas of the centre were not in use but still used the same lighting and energy. This resulted in higher than anticipated usage and cost for the area, as well as an increased carbon footprint.

As the complex's lighting and electrical partner, R&D Services put together a solution that included energy efficient lamps and a top of the line infra-red and motion detector system throughout the centre. This not only decreased the carbon footprint but also saw a drastic reduction in the annual energy cost of the facility without compromising the experience for users.

To find out if your business could benefit from a similar solution follow the link below to our energy saving calculator for an estimate.

  • Energy Saving Lighting
    Energy Saving Lighting

    Dextra Verteco LED lamp as used in Waterloo Quay Properties.  A highly efficient LED light which provides excellent performance, simple installation, significant energy reduction and a rapid return on investment.

  • Fitness Centre
    Fitness Centre

    Fitness equipment at Waterloo Quay Properties under the new lights. The lamps use an array of mid-power chips behind high transmission diffusers to ensure that visual discomfort is minimised whilst maintaining excellent optical control and a light output ratio.

  • Motion Sensor
    Motion Sensor

    A motion sensor at Waterloo Quay Properties designed to provide an easy and effective way to manage lighting.

  • "Working with Chris and the team at R&D Services has been of huge benefit to the operations of Waterloo Quay Properties and in particular their work on re-working our electrical and lighting system in our fitness centre which has increased efficiency, saved cost and decreased our carbon footprint."

    Anna-Marie Eardley
    Waterloo Quay Properties, Managing Director

Energy Saving Calculator

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