April 08, 2021

What is a MagnaCleanse system flush?

The ‘MagnaCleanse’ system flush is the process of clearing your central heating system of those harsh, unwanted debris such as magnetite & sludge. It thoroughly cleans your entire system by using chemicals, x2 rapid flush magnetic filters and a vibraclean agitator.

The precision agitator removes more sludge in 20 seconds than can be extracted in 30 minutes without it.

*The added benefit of installing a ‘MagnaClean’ filter after your flush will help to collect magnetite & sludgy residue every day your heating system is used. This filter should be cleaned on a yearly basis at the same time as your annual boiler service.



The advantages of a professional MagnaCleanse system flush.

Looking after your central heating system is advantageous for so many reasons. Carrying out a deep clean of your system and pipes, you’ll ensure your boiler is more energy efficient and much more reliable than it would be without a flush. Because the system will be clear of debris, it will run much smoother, increasing its lifespan and reducing energy bills.

With a fully cleaned system, the chance of a breakdown will be reduced. You’re radiators will heat up more quickly and be hotter on those cold winter nights. The cost of regularly replacing parts from a poor functioning boiler will be dramatically reduced and you’ll have the peace of mind that you can trust your heating system to deliver a high standard each day, as you’d expect it to.

Reduced heating bills by up to 6% per year

Reduced carbon emissions by 200-300kg per year



How to spot the signs you have magnetite/sludge in your heating system

  1. Is your boiler breaking down/needs to be restarted regularly?
  2. Do your radiators have cold patches while turned on, especially at the bottom?
  3. Is the water from your radiator black in colour?
  4. Do your radiators take a long while to heat up or do they not get warm at all?
  5. Are your radiators or boiler quite noisy?
  6. When bleeding radiators - is the water cloudy/black? Maybe there is no water at all.


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your heating system may need a flush. It’s also a very good idea to schedule a system flush if you’re having a new boiler installed to ensure it’s in top working condition.